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We believe each child is an individual and therefore our initial consultation is tailored to you and your child. We provide a detailed meeting to assess the needs of your child and understand what you are hoping to gain from tutoring.

We also believe in the importance of an initial 1:1 assessment with your child to gain a greater understanding of his or her strengths, interests, learning styles and areas to support.

Bespoke and Individual Lesson Plans

Our tutoring sessions are completely bespoke. Our session plans are made specifically for each child, matching the right tutor to your individual needs and area postcode. 

We believe one-to-one teaching is an effective and important supplement to school, and should be available to as many students as possible. Whether your child needs a confidence boost in a specific subject, exam preparation, language development, special educational needs support or extra teaching to meet a specific target, our tutors are here to inspire and encourage their love of learning. Using the right tools and the right mindset, we can help your child fulfil their academic potential.

How We Work
Our Tutors

As a company that really cares about education and your child, we match the perfect tutor to their specific needs.

All of our tutors are well educated, have a teaching background and are DBS checked. We interview our tutors and ensure they are up-to-date with the current curriculum and are specialists in their chosen field of education. 

Our ethos is to provide a nurturing, supportive learning environment that meets the needs of our educational beliefs. A happy child is a learning child.

Our tutors must provide us with training documents, a CV, DBS checks, example lesson plans and references from previous clients or headteachers.

We ensure professionalism and respect from all of our tutors. As a result of this, you know that your child is receiving the best possible care.

TLS look for tutors that are committed and passionate about teaching and we like to match your child's learning style to the right tutor so that your chid is captivated and engaged. Curiosity, awe and wonder is a key element to learning and our tutors teach through that ethos.

Our tutors set realistic targets and will provide one-to- one feedback on every lesson so you know the progress that your child is making. 

We work on an hourly, subject-based basis, however our sessions can be moulded to your specific times and needs as your child goes through their school years.

Step 3. Initial assessment and settling in period:

In the first session the tutor will provide an appropriate assessment and get to know your child and their learning styles. 

Feedback is given after the first session to indicate your child's strengths and areas of support. TLS will check that everything has gone well and that you as a family are happy to move forward. 

This discussion ensures that an accurate judgement has been put into place and a programme can be set for you to approve.

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In The News
  • Private tutors can work at a child’s pace. This is the number one consideration for seeking private tutoring. As an adult having been through education, you can surely recall the time you were at school and for some reason, you lacked the foundation for complex areas like calculus and geometry, and you wished that someone would explain these areas to you from scratch? Tutors can do just that; unblock areas of difficulty to make way for further learning.

  • The parent: I'm investing in her future.

  • Mother of-two Larisa Nesderova, originally from Russia, who moved to London from Hong Kong, first hired a tutor for her daughter Sophia to help her pass an entrance exam to get into private school.

  • Now in Year 11, Sophia continues to be tutored in maths, English and French ahead of her GCSEs to ensure she is getting personalised help.

  • Mrs Nesderova, who lives in Bayswater, said: “It’s more competitive these days and getting harder for kids. They can get help from school but it’s not so personal.

  • “With a tutor Sophia is able to work on things she personally doesn’t understand. It’s a good investment into their future.”

  • The proportion of tutored pupils has risen by more than a third over the past decade, from 18% in 2005 to 25% now. In London, 42% of pupils had private or home tuition last year, compared with 34% in 2005.

  • This year a survey found that 62% of parents of children sitting the 11-plus exam for grammar school entry in England had employed private tutors. 

  • Nothing beats one-to-one tuition for boosting a child's performance," says  regional editor of The Good Schools Guide. 

  • Demand is greatest for GCSE and A-level tutoring but the biggest area of growth is in the primary sector, especially among parents who are hoping to get their children into a grammar school.

  • The most popular subject at all levels is maths, followed by English, with parents typically hiring a tutor for a couple of terms prior to an important exam.

  • "It's better to go for one hour a week spread across a year than cram, cram, cram." A realistic aim is to go one grade better than the predicted mark based on mocks.