As an enthusiastic teacher, tutor, head of department and parent myself I realised the importance of home tutoring and the difference it can make to a child's confidence and education. With an increase in the need for 1:1 learning support and parents increasingly confused by the complex world of education, TLS tutors evolved. We now operate to support families across London and Surrey and couldn't find the work that we do more rewarding.

Our Continuous Journey
With You

Once our tutor and pupil are on the right learning journey together, we will continue to guide and support you and your child's programme.


All of our tutors are required to report back to parents at the end of every session. This gives details of what topics have been covered as well as the tutee’s concentration and degree of progress. This may be in written form for you to document or verbally after a session. We feel it is important that we keep you updated and that the partnership and communication continues throughout.


Additionally, parents can email the tutee or TLS at any time for a more in depth catch-up or to adjust any programmes due to recent updates from school or approaching entrance exams.


The last stage will be payment and invoicing. Payment is flexible and can be done on a monthly or weekly basis. You indicate the times, days, length of session and we do everything else for you.