Exam Preparation

Your Custom-Made Assessment and 11+
Preparation Programme

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive creatures who love to learn. However, the high expectations set by schools and the pressures created by exams can often lead children and parents to see their learning as a chore.


At TLS tutoring we have tutors that have experience of taking children through that process,  fostering a child’s natural enthusiasm for learning and keeping exam preparation fun. 

One-to-One Exam Preparation Programs

GCSE and A Level Subject Test Preparation:

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

7+ 11+ Interview Practice Assistance:

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

In recent years, the 11+ entrance exam has become one of the most competitive exams in the country, with competition for places for 2017 / 2018 entry at an all-time high. A crucial element of a school’s selection criteria is the candidate interview.

To prepare your child for the 11+ interview, we are proud to work alongside an experienced entrance exam specialist who has helped 11+ candidates to achieve entry to top secondary schools.


Extra Sessions:

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

We like to encourage continuity with our 1:1 lessons however extra weekly sessions can be arranged with your personal tutor  if and when needed.