Parent Comments


As an enthusiastic teacher, tutor, head of department and parent myself I realised the importance of home tutoring and the difference it can make to a child's confidence and education. With an increase in the need for 1:1 learning support and parents increasingly confused by the complex world of education TLS tutors evolved. We now operate to support families across London and Surrey and couldn't find the work that we do more rewarding.


“We have watched our child transform into a very confident little girl, always looking forward to your classes. Thank you also for inculcating so many new interests through your innovative teaching.”

“You have an innate ability to encourage longer periods of concentration in the children and make the transition from year to year learning seamless and fun. My child has never been keener to practice his writing than when he knew it was for you!!”

“What a successful year you have had with my child. You have turned my child into a wonderfully well behaved, inquisitive, enthusiastic girl thirsty to learn more.”


"You were able to understand my child within weeks of meeting him. This speaks of your intelligence, awareness and dedication to delving into each child. Throughout your time you challenged his strengths and created situations to help strengthen his weaknesses. You identified goals for him which helped him not only achieve but to achieve with flying colours. 

You are an amazing teacher. Not a single time was my boy reluctant to learn with you. How did we get so lucky?"